Community-Powered GroVr Solutions

GroVr's streamlined product testing solutions make the product testing process more efficient and cost-effective, helping companies to save time and resources while still receiving high-quality insights and feedback.

Survey / Questionnaire

We offer a survey service with a diverse community of testers to gather feedback on preferences and behaviors. Customize questions and choose question types.

Focus Groups

We provide a focus group service to collect qualitative data from testers through guided discussions. Get a recording of the event for deeper insights.

Testing + Feedback

We offer a testing and feedback service with quantitative and qualitative methods. Testers record their experience and give one-on-one feedback to your team.

Competitive Analysis

We offer a competitive analysis service which allows you to test your products against the competitors' to identify strengths and weaknesses, improve your product accordingly.

Start creating events in minutes!

Create & customize your event according to your needs. Add tasks and questions to your event and get the feedback you need.

Product screenshot
Easy setup in minutes
With us setting up a product test is quick and easy, allowing you to get valuable feedback from your target audience in no time.
Set Tasks and Test Scenario
Our product allows you to set tasks and test scenarios that are tailored to your product, enabling you to get valuable insights into how users interact with it.

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